Upload Image for January

For best results...

1 Make your JPG image 1000 pixels wide and 800 pixels high.
You don't have to - the system will rescale an uploaded image of any size as required - but it might be relatively slow and your image scaling software might be better than mine.

2 Try to complete your job within 30 days.
The system will delete uploaded picture sets 30 days after your last upload or caption change. If you visit the site after this time then you will need to upload your material again. Remember that once you have made your calendar you can download a PDF version to your computer which will be yours to keep, print, distribute or destroy as you see fit.

3 Use the same computer for the entire job.
For simplicity the system works without usernames and passwords - but it does need to distinguish between your images and someone elses. It does this on the basis of the particular computer you are using. If you use another computer you won't see your images.

4 Select Picture Set 'PRIVATE'
When making a calendar your images are loaded into this set of pictures and these are only available to you (and the system manager).

If you do want to make your pictures public on here then note the fact in the private section of the title notes.